Artist CV

Shane Harrington, born in Ireland (1987), lives and works in Harlem, New York.

Assistant gallery Director at Station Independent Projects New York

Graduated, Bachelor of Arts in Sculpture & Combined Media at Limerick School of Art & Design.
Received highest grade in 160 year history of LSAD for thesis on DIY counterculture.

2016 'Kenosis in the Super Void' Station Independent Projects, New York
2015 'Festival of New Masculinities 2015' Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, New York
2014 'Irish Art Does Not Exist' Station Independent Projects, New York
2014 'From the Garden' Continental Recording Studios, (LIC Arts Open Weekend) Long Island City, NY
2014 'Festival of New Masculinities 2014' 30th Street Theater, New York
2013 'Monster Drawing Rally' Dumbo Arts Center, Brooklyn, New York
2012 'Elephant Talks' Ormston House, Limerick, Ireland
2011 Dark Light Film Festival: Strictly Roots The Factory, Dublin, Ireland
2011 'Artistically Transmitted Diseases' Like Studios, Limerick, Ireland
2011 'LSAD Degree Show' Limerick School of Art & Design, Limerick, Ireland
2010 ‘Life With Edits The Joinery, Dublin
2010 'My Limerick' Belltable Theatre, Limerick, Ireland
2010 'Paper Exchange' To and For, London
2010 'Cat Dig' Ev+a, Limerick
2010 'Copyleft' Faber Studios, Limerick, Ireland
2010 'The Grey Cabinet' Church Gallery, Limerick, Ireland
2010 'LSAD Drawing Awards' Church Gallery, Limerick, Ireland
2009 'Tetris' Stix Space, Limerick, Ireland
2008 'LSAD Drawing Awards' Church Gallery, Limerick, Ireland
2006 'Headway' The Hunt Museum, Limerick, Ireland

Relevant Affiliations.
Former member of artist run gallery and studio space Like Studios in Limerick.
Former member of Limerick based artist collective Art In The Making.

Notes on DIY: What is Art in The Making?, Life With Edits artist collective publication.


"Outstanding..." -The Limerick Post
"Breathtaking..." -Elevtrtrax
''Heart-stoppingly gorgeous... extremely intimate and daringly omnipresent.'' - Sputnik Music 
''This isn’t comparable to anything you’ve heard before'' Top 15 Albums of 2012 -Murdered by Pirates is Good
''...each track is a work of art leaning towards modern day poetry'' -Flicker Magazine
''A seriously intimate record... a bold statement of intent and musical gesture.'' -Chew Your Own Fat
'' An engaging collection that draws you further into its world with every listen'' -The Last Post and Chorus

''A triumph in recorded form...What’s become most striking throughout the album so far has been the guitar work, it doesn’t follow a clear convention and instead changes styles from moment to moment... it’s got that developed feel which most bands don’t achieve until much later in their careers... This is going to be a moment in music which I’m sure people will talk about in future, and you’ll sit back talking about the first time you heard Night Of The Living from We Come In Pieces. To put it simply, this album is a triumph, bravo'' - Loud Stuff

''Probably the hardest working band in Ireland'' -The Point Of Everything

"...brimful of hardcore energy and intelligent arrangements...a rampaginging helping of aggro-metal, with exhuberent vocals battling it out with a relentless band noise...a terrific melody and an arrangement that shifts gears and keeps your ears engaged..." -Hot Press

''...a thundering post-hardcore juggernaut, anvil-heavy riffs collide with powerhouse rhythms, they strip down, pull back and attack again with a furious clarity that recalls Dischord bands like Jawbox and Bluetip in their prime. '' -13th Note

''The real joy, more so than taking in the vast patchwork of influences and marvelling at how they come together, sewn strongly with Limerick accents, is the sheer passion that comes through your speakers/headphones. For a band best seen live (a very frequent occurrence), this E.P. is as close as it gets to bopping around and dripping of sweat, and surely that’s the best thing that can be said about any album'' -Drop-D

''Very exciting...very cool to watch...fantastic musicianship'' -Wired FM

''There isn’t a duff track here, it’s a short sharp shock with a bit of math rock here, punk rock there and a little vintage metal thrown into the mix'' -The Limerick Post

''There’s something about a band who can raise you out of Wednesday glums with a smart battering of upbeat, proper rock tunes and that’s what We Come In Pieces are doing for me here today'' -Harmless Noise

''An adrenaline fueled rush that will save you a fortune in Red Bull purchases. - I Review Rock

''Effortlessly cool; from their eye-catching artwork to their DIY aesthetics...Pitchfork could be fawning over them this time next year. For now, get ahead of the pack and listen to them before it was cool.'' - Golden Plec